Warm Lentil salad with spinach

225gr small lentils
40gr chopped walnuts
olive oil
chopped onion
bay leaf
1 crushed garlic clove

Dressing: 110gr firm goats cheese, or ”primo sale” (from health food shops), 1 clove garlic, salt, powdered mustard, 2 tbs balsamic mustar, 2 tbs walnut oil (if available), olive oil, handfull spinach, fresh pepper (mix everything in a mortar except the cheese & spinach).

Lightly fry the walnuts in some olive oil for a minute & remove, then fry onions, garlic for 5”, add lentils, bay leaf, thyme & turn for 1”.
Add some boiling water, cover & cook very slowly for 30” till the water is absorbed. Salt. Pour into a bowl with the dressing dribbled over it & crumble goats’ cheese, adding spinach leaves torn in half all over and add the rocket leaves, torn in half.
Give everything a toss. Serve with the walnuts scattered on top.