The Pet Mode grooming Miami

A new mode for grooming

A ROUND OF A-PAWS: A walk in the park? A Scooby snack? Nah, what your pooch really wants is a trip toThe Pet Mode.
This new grooming boutique recently popped up between Rebel and Cheap N’ Chic inMiami’s MiMo District, and since then it’s been the bark of the town. From leashes to toys, snacks to sweaters, The Pet Mode makes shopping for your pup—or pussycat—a chic experience with its bold red walls and Asian-inspired accent pieces. Have an extra furry friend? Not a problem. The shop specializes in grooming, so your pet can have a chic summer cut—and a collar to boot. GET IT: 6665 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

The Pet Mode offers a variety of service s such as Grooming, Boarding, Day Care, Pet Sitting, Pick Up & Delivery and a lot more at affordable rates. We understand how your pets are important members of your family and their well being is very important to you like it is for us. Your pets will always feel as safe and as comfortable in our place as they feel in your home.

Our staff is skilled in professional grooming techniques for cats and dogs and understands the particular grooming intricacies of different breeds. We specialize in Standard Puddle, Labradoodle, and Goldendoodle, but no matter what size, shape, color, or breed, we’ll make your pet look like a million. Our more than 5 years experience allow us to recognize unsafe health conditions early on, skin, coat, eyes, ears, teeth and weight are among other things we check for when we groom your pet, we look for common signs of health problems so you can consult your vet if needed.

We absolutely love what we do and our staff can only include animal lovers who have the ability to build a loving relationship with every pet we care for. We take great pride in our work and treat all of our furry pets like they are our own …. yes, we do like to spoil them with lots of love and even a special treat if it’s all right with their owners. There is a great deal of satisfaction knowing our friends look and feel good when they go home. That’s what makes this trade so rewarding.