Stuffed tomatoes with quinoa and basmati rice

6 medium sized tomatoes
3 spoons quinoa and 3 spoons rice ( 2 spoons per tomatoe)
1 small onion cut into small pieces,tomatoe pulp scooped out and juice,1 tbspn olive oil, s&p,broken basil leaves.

Prepare this in the morning so that the dry ingredients can sit all day in the juices for the filling.
Cut the top off the tomatoes and remove the pulp and seeds.

Heat the oven to 190°. Salt the tomatoes, fill and put the top on. Place in a oven dish and add a cup of water, 2 tbspns olive oil and cover with tin foil for the first 30′. See that the pan juices haven’t dried and if necessary add more liquid (you can also used stock). If you see that the rice is nearly cooked the rest of the cooking can be done without the foil. If not, a further half hour with the foil and then 15′ without.

You can also cut potatoes around the tomatoes but they might cook before the rest and need taking out of the pan and kept warm.