Stir fry squid & baby octopus

Small squids & octopus
1 cucumber
1 red radish
lemon grass
fresh ginger
green fresh chilli
white wine
s & p. & olive oil

Chop finely garlic, lemon grass, green chilli, ginger & sauté in a wok.
Add fish cut in small strips including tentacles. Add white wine & allow to evaporate.
Cover on medium heat & simmer for 5 mins. Add cucumber, peeled & cut lengthwise & the red radish.
(I was told once by a Chinese friend that a crisp cucumber can replace the bamboo shoots that we can”t find fresh in Europe).
Stir fry for about 5 minutes throwing in the corriander, cover briefly.
Serve while still crunchy. I had some pizza with thin potatoes on top that I warmed under the grill & cut in strips & put on the same plate beside the fish mixture.