Spaghetti with cozze & vongole

To prepare the shellfish. Remove the ‘beard’ of the mussels pulling from the pointed side down and throw away the ones that are broken or chipped. Knock one clam against another : if they give a hollow sound it means its full of sand. Throw that one away. Rinse them all in fresh water, place them in a bowl and – unless you cook them right away, cover with a lid and put in the fridge.

500gr mixed cozze & vongole, chopped parsley, 2 garlic cloves, 1 chili pepper, 1 small glass of white wine, 1 zucchino cut à la julienne & extra virgin olive oil.

Chop the garlic cloves & the chili pepper,add to a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil and let it golden on a low flame ; add cozze & vongole. Bring up the gas to a bright flame and cover for a couple of minutes. Add a glass of white wine and a 1/2 glass of the boiling salted water for the pasta and keep it cooking for 5′ on medium flame, adding the zucchini. Add the parsley.

Remove the fruit from the shells, leaving just 1/4 of them whole so that each portion has some. I prefer to serve individual dishes so I can divide these evenly.