Roulades of aubergine

Check out the size of this guy!

I didnt need another one for this recipe. I got ten big slides that I cut in half after grilling. So calculate how many slices you would get from normal sized one. Probably need three. Cut in think slices,place in a collander, sprikle with salt and drain overnight with a weight on top. Or drain for three hours.

Grill the strips on the top of the stove.

300gr mushrooms
1 onion
1 cup buffalo ricotta (or drained ricotta)
s & p
olive oil

Put the mushrooms and onion in a magimix and pulse very finely, and sauté in olive oil adding a little stock or  water now and then. S & P. When cool add the ricotta and mix. Spread this on the slices of aubergine and roll up placing open side down onto a casserole dish and just before guests arrive you can sprinkle with a little olive oil and heat them in the oven for about 20 minutes.Then turn them upside down to serve.