Pollo “alla diavola” – Chicken as for “alla diavola”

Cut through the back, but not flattened. Slice some carrots, zucchini, red onions, garlic and place them on the bottom of an oven dish dribbled with olive oil and a little soya sauce. Add some tiny tomatoes, salt and pepper and rosemary. Add the chicken with the inside down salt and pepper and dribble with olive oil. Add a small glass of white wine to the dish. Cover with alluminium foil and roast at 160° for 40”.
Turn the chicken over and if necessary add a small glass of warm water. Cover and cook a further 30”. Take off the foil and cook a further 20”.
The aim of this dish is to create a sort of chutney mixture of vegetables, glazed with the soya.
The chicken browns the last 15” and the secret is slow cooking so don”t be in a hurry.
Mine took two hours.