Plum pudding & fromage frais


1,500gr red ripe plums
1 cup brown sugar (light brown)
1 cup water
vanilla essence

Cut the plums in half and remove pip. Put everthing into a pan and cook slowly with the lid on for about 45′ or until the plums have softened. In the meantime you can remove the peel as it will loosen during the cooking.Drain the mixture over a sieve and keep the liquid aside. Spread the plums in a low glass casserole dish and sprinkle with the oatmeal crunch.Bake in a 180° oven for about 25′.

Serve with Fromage Fraiche or whipped cream or thick yogurt

Oatmeal crunch
1,1/2 cups oats
100gr butter
brown sugar

Mix alltogether with a spoon and cover the pudding.

The plum liquid can be slightly boiled down and used as jam.