Luca Artioli photographer and poet

Luca Artioli, an artist, poet and photographer recognized in Europe and around the world, has worked for years in the most vital artistic circles of world culture, such as Hermès in Paris, La Scala Opera House in Milan and Fendi in Miami during the Art Basel week (you can see the work for Hermès here A poet in possession of phenomenal range in emotion, Artioli has evolved over the years as an artist who is appreciated for both his skill with the pen as well as the camera. His original photographic and poetic research seeks to bring out the close relationship between the tensions of man and those of nature. In few years Artioli has published 11 books with Mondadori, the key publishing house in Italy, some of them translated in many languages. In the follwing link you can see the latest books The Author has carried out press coverage and his works are sold in leading art galleries.

Since he moved from Milan to Miami in 2008, he started to collaborate with the major interior and fashion designer, architects, construction companies and cruising lines. For them he tries to match photos with their furniture, colors, shapes and volumes of houses and buildings, creating rendering to propose to the client. This is an amazing way to work, and you can have an example looking at this video: The Artist is represented in Miami from Zadok Art Gallery located in Wynwood,

In the following link you you can see an interview with CBS TV

Here follows  images of Serenissima Dreamings, some photos of Venice in exhibition for Art Basel 2010
Tropical Renassaince is a video about the tropical flowers and vegetation
For further informations please visit the Artist web site and his blog

Miami Architecture, traditional photo and in movement

ArtDeconstruction event at Zadok Art Gallery 2009

Luca Artioli in his own’s words