Italian cooking lessons

Italian cooking lessons for adults and children in Miami
Through the changing seasons enjoy a hands-on lesson. Francesca guides you through traditional italian recipes. Learn how to make gnocchi, stewed roman artichokes, fried zucchini flowers, tiramisu and saltimboca alla Romana or whatever the menu of the day is.
Evening classes can be arranged and you are welcome to invite guests for the meal.
A fun time to enjoy a communal experience and eat what you cook!
Furthermore if there is something specific you would like to learn we would be happy to help.

Liguria, a narrow strip of scenic coastal land in the northwest part of Italy known as the Italian Riviera, is home to some of Italy’s finest foods. The Ligurian kitchen is famous for fish, fresh produce and herbs. Ligurian cuisine is a extraordinary marriage of land and sea.

Bring Lombardy into your own kitchen with some of the flavors that have defined the region for centuries as stews, soups, heavily-sauced polentas, excellent cheeses and wines. Leave any aversions to carbs and dairy at the door, and indulge in some of northern Italy’s most beloved ingredients.

Tuscany is a region of excellence in the area of wines, cheeses, cold cuts, preserves and truffles. Tuscan cuisine distinguishes itself for its tasty dishes made with genuine, natural ingredients which make even the simplest dishes true delicacies to savor and enjoy.