Indian Pomegranates

I came back from the market this morning with this lovely Indian pomegranate. They are smaller in size than the Israeli ones and a different hue of red. there were lots of tropical fruits coming from other parts of the world while we await the spring in Rome. I’ll give you some ideas of what to do with this beautiful fruit. To get the seeds out you need to cut a lititle hat off the top of the fruit and make some incisions from top to bottom on the side and open up the pomegranate in a bowl filled with cold water. After 5mins the pith should separate from the seeds leaving them at the bottom of the bowl. To extract juice for jelly press firmly and roll on a table top to break the seeds and then make a cut and let the juice drain into a bowl through a sieve. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants and good for your health!

SALAD – manche with the dark green leaves looks lovely with the shiny red seeds added. Add to any mixed salad for crunchiness and flavour.

RELISH – for adding to any simple grilled meat dishes just mix half a cup of the seeds with some orange juice, a piece of grated ginger, little clear honey and salt

PERSIAN POMEGRANATE JELLY -3 cups juice, juice of a fat lemon,pectin, 4 cups sugar-cook all together until rolling ball is reached and fill into sterilized jars. Once open keep in the fridge.

POMEGRANATE JUICE – squeeze some pomegranates with an orange squeezer, add lemon juice & a few tbs sugar, add some crushed ice & refrigerate. Vodka can be added to this drink to make a cocktail.