Halloween 2010 in Miami

Miami offers plenty of frightening Halloween fun during the whole month of October. Find out what events are happening on and around Halloween in Miami, for both kids and adults.
Halloween is one of the 2 biggest party nights in SoBe. There are parties everywhere & they spill into the streets, esp. Washington & Collins Aves & Ocean Drive & Lincoln Rd.

Halloween in Miami is unlike Halloween anywhere else. Hordes of people roam the streets in scary or sexy costumes. For ladies, Halloween in Miami is about looking the sexiest you possibly can. It’s the day you have the opportunity to just put it all out there…and Miami weather allows you to do just that. For guys, Halloween in Miami is all about eye candy and boos (not the scary kind). For kids, Halloween in Miami is about good, old-fashioned trick-or-treating and costume contests. There are many Halloween party Miami options at several different venues although there are a few major, popular Halloween party Miami spots.

Some venues celebrate with trick-or-treating or costume contests for kids, some places throw wild parties filled with scantily clad costumes. The largest Halloween party Miami is, without a doubt, the Vizcaya Halloween Party in Miami. Most Miami nightclubs throw Halloween parties the night of. Crowds of people parade through areas such as Lincoln Road in South Beach or Coconut Grove to show off their costumes and watch other people show off theirs. Experience the craziness of Halloween in Miami or take a seat and enjoy people-watching. You are sure to see some very interesting things.