Guinea fowl with pomegranate juice

I found the guinea fowl at the Trionfale market on Saturday morning.
1 large red pomegranate
bay leaf, 2 medium onions,butter,white wine, S & p
Guinea fowl cut in four pieces.

When you get home cut off  some of the fatty skin of the fowl and roll in salt and pepper.

Slice the pomegranate only through the skin in four and break open with the point of the knife. Remove the red seeds.  Keep some aside and cook the rest in a slow pan with 2 tbspn water, covered, for about 10′ just so that the seeds soften. Put a wire strainer on top of a bowl and press the seeds with a wooden spoon to extract maximum fruit.

Slice the onions and cook in butter until transparent. Remove. Add some more butter and 1 tbspn olive oil and slightly fry the guinea fowl for about 12′ on each side. Add the onions, bay leaf  and half a glass of white wine. Keep cooking until the wine evaporates. Add the pomegranate juice and if necessary a little broth or water to continue cooking the bird for about 20′. Keep it covered and turn occasionally to cook evenly. Taste for s & p.

Sprinkle some seeds over the guinea fowl and serve with potatoe puré, broccoli and artichokes. This is a bad picture as my camera is driving me crazy. But it gives the idea of the fowl.