Freselle o Frise

Italian friselle (or freselle, frisedde, fresedde, frise) is a typical “tarallo” made essentially of durum wheat, combined in varying quantities with barley.

It is oven baked , then cut in half horizontally and it’s then baked again in the oven. The looks of the frisella is with one smooth and one rough surface.

Freselle are a staple food that was produced and acclaimed for its long conservation period and was therefore a valid alternative to bread, especially in those periods when flour was scarce.

The name with which freselle are also know in Apulia is “Pane dei Crociati” (Crusaders’ bread) as it was certainly used to equip the christian expeditions in their long travellings.

E’ rotonda e biscottata;
a vedersi non è bella,
ma nel Sud è molto amata.
Questa, amici, è la fresella.

All’inizio sembra dura,
ma con l’acqua si fa molla.
È nutriente e duratura,
può sfamare anche una folla.

Olio, sale e pomodoro,
dopo averla un po’ bagnata:
ma che gran capolavoro,
la famosa caponata!