Farro strozzapreti with broccoli

Also known as emmer wheat, this is an unhybridized grain which belongs to the wheat family, grown for millennia in the Middle East and North Africa. True farro (Triticum dicoccum) is not spelt (Triticum spelta) as is commonly believed: it has two distinctive spikes and a fuller flavor.

2 heads of brocolli with some small leaves
300 gr strozzapreti
olive oil, garlic,fresh chili,s & p
1 small spoon anchovy paste (optional)

Wash the heads and cut the florets and small leaves (keep the rest for soup).Cook in a little salty water for about 8′.Drain and keep the water. Chop up.

Add more water and cook the strozzapreti until al dente. Drain and keep the water.

Cut a garlic clove into slices and sauté in olive oil with half a fresh red chili. Add anchovy paste and mix. Add broccoli and a little water to mix . S & p. Mix with the pasta.

The name ‘strozzapreti’,meaning ‘strangle the priest’, comes from the Romagna area of Italy.The popolation was dominated by the Vatican as the territory was given to the Church by the Franks and remained so until the end of the Settecento. After the fall of Napolon the population revolted and the Italian Risorgimento was born. The ‘strozzapreti’ , were prepared for the village priest by the women, with their menfolk wishing them to ‘choke’ as a means to rebel against the misery and difficulty of daily life.