English hot cross buns for Easter

25gr bakers yeast
1/2 cup olive oil
3/4cup slightly warm water
50gr sugar
1tsp baking pdr
1tsp white vinegar
370gr flour small cup
small raisins
1 tsp mixed spice, salt.

CROSS-make a paste with flour and water, roll thin and cut into strips. DOUGH-Mix yeast with water and rest for 10mins. Combine all ingredients except raisins and flour. Add 150gr flour too water and mixture, add currants and mixing all the time add the remaining flour, on a board. Leave covered to rise until doubled in size (it can be done overnight in the fridge making sure to wait for it to reach room temperature before working dough).

Place 18 balls on a baking sheet leaving about 4cms space between each one, dampen the pastry strips and place on top forming a cross, pressing down slightly. Cover and rise till double in size.Cook for 15mins at 180°. Make a little glaze with 2tbs water and 2 tbs sugar on the stove and brush the buns with a large paint brush.