Easter in Rome means lamb! Abbacchio alla romana


1 kilo shoulder & leg of lamb, 3 cloves garlic, 3 anchovies, (or tube) rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, lemmon, flour,s & p.

Clean the anchovies of their salt and make a purée with the crushed garlic & a bit of lemmon juice. Roll the pieces of lamb in flour & put the rosemary in hot oil to sizzle for a bit. Remove. Cook the meat on both sides and place on a plate without the oil. Add the anchovy mixture to the oil in the pan & reduce. Replace the meat in the remaining oil and cook for 10′ turning often. Serve


1 kg lamb 300gr potatoes rosemary
1/2 glass white wine garlic olive oil
s & p

Dress lamb with rosemary,garlic,s & p. Baste with olive oil. Heat oven at 180° & cook meat for 6′ in the white wine. Add the potatoes cut in bits with more rosemary & garlic cooking for a further 30′, turning the potatoes occasionally.