‘Casatiello’ is the typical Neopolitan pie made especially & traditionally at Easter.
The word comes from ”caso” that in Neopolitan dialect means cheese.

500gr flour ”0” (20% manitoba flour for softness)
160 gr lard
200gr salame cut in little squares
200gr fresh pecorino/caciocavallo
15 gr yeast
1 small glass tiepid milk
1 tbsp sugar
S & P
2 eggs

Mix the yeast with the warm milk. Cut the salame & cheese in small squares. Put the flour in a mound like a crater with a hole in the top & put all the ingredients on top, except the cheese & salame, reserving a little lard. Mix. Work the pastry for at least 15”, cover & leave to rise in a warm place for 2 hours until doubled in volume. Repeat & rise again (this can all be done the night before.) Roll out in a rectangle shape & brush with a little melted lard. Add s & p, salame & cheese. Roll to form a spiral & brush with melted lard again. Wash the eggs well & press into the pasta. Place on oven paper & let rise again. Bake at 180° till golden. The eggs of course are not cooked as this goes on in the oven. Thin strips of pasta can be put over the eggs to form a cross.

I put the boiled eggs cut in half into her pastry to create a different version of the above recipe.