Artichokes romane with herbs

These Roman artichokes are typical of Italy and can be found at the markets allready prepared or you can buy them and prepare them yourself. If so, you take out about two layers of outer leaves, cut through about 2centimetres of the top tips.Cut the stalks at 5cms and you will see that there is a round ‘heart’ in the stalk.Cut all the dark green around the stalk as the rest is edible. If you have longer pieces of the stalk, do the same and add to the stew.

Cut up a bunch of long leaved parsley. Crush 2 garlic cloves under a flat knife or with your hand to let out the juice,and leave whole. Put 3tbspn olive oil and enough water to cover 1/3rd of the artichokes. Salt and cover. Stew for about 20/30′, and turn occasionally.