Alex’s chicken in Nero d’Avola wine

6 large pieces chicken, thigh and breast
10 small whole peeled onions
3 chopped onions
bay leaf, thyme,parsley
2 cloves garlic
12 champignon sliced
bottle Nero d’Avola red wine
100gr butter
s & p
Basmati rice

Melt some butter in a large pan, brown the chicken pieces in batches and keep warm. Lightly fry onions until brown, add garlic, herbs, stir a bit and add wine. Add all ingredients except the mushrooms and cook covered simmering for about 50′ . Adding mushrooms the last 15′. Drain the wine sauce, keep the chicken and vegetables warm, discard bay leaf and thyme. Bring the lilquid to a boil and reduce by 1/3rd.
While doing this, mix a butter and flour mixture with your hands and when a paste is formed add to the liquid, whisk and stir all the time until the sauce has thickened.
Cook your basmati rice in salted boiling water. Serve the sauce over the chicken and the rice alongside.